Various Healthy Foods to Try at a Chinese Restaurant in Albuquerque

Posted by James Moore

More and more people are enjoying and appreciating the exquisite taste of Chinese food. As proof of this, Chinese buffet restaurants in Albuquerque are on the rise. If you are a health buff who is rather mindful of what you eat, there are some things you may want to do to ensure you are eating as healthily as possible at any Chinese restaurant in Albuquerque.

According to an article by Anne Baley of Demand Media, the first thing to do is:

“Go to the restaurant’s website and print a copy of its nutrition guide or use a generic Chinese food guide like the one at Use this to plan your meal before you arrive at the restaurant.”

She begins by addressing the different types of food and what would be ideal. Some of these foods are egg drop and wonton soup as both have low fats and calories, as well as sushi (if available; sushi is a Japanese dish but some Chinese restaurants serve them nonetheless) because of its vitamins. For the main dish she suggests foods like steamed green beans as well as beef and broccoli, which are particularly healthy choices.

Various Healthy Foods to Try at a Chinese Restaurant in Albuquerque

It’s the dessert that may be the healthiest great part of a Chinese buffet as it often entails a wide variety of fresh fruits. Don’t be afraid to eat a fortune cookie either; they are usually only 35 calories.

So the next time you plan to eat Chinese food in Albuqerque at restaurants like Lin’s Grand Buffet, just bear the above details in mind and you’ll be able to dine healthily and heartily.

(Article and Source: “How to Eat Healthy at a Chinese Buffet,” Anne Baley of Demand Media)