Redefining the Image and Standard of a Chinese Buffet in Albuquerque

Posted by James Moore

When it comes to fine dining, Chinese cuisine is often not part of the discussion. Commonly thought of as affordable food, the notion among customers when it comes to the cuisine are cardboard take-out boxes with handles. What most don’t even realize is that those boxes didn’t even originate from China, and the food here is not as Chinese as it is made out to be. As mentioned in an article published last April 7th on

“Most of us know that all the Chinese foods we know and love: General Tso’s chicken, sesame beef, sweet-and-sour everything… none of these are actual dishes eaten in China. American Chinese food is really a cuisine all on its own, an amalgamation of Asian, continental, Latin, and local flavors that have become an indispensable part of most dinner plates.

According to historians, Chinese local fare came to the American West Coast during the Gold Rush, brought over by Chinese immigrants from the southern territories of mainland China. Records show that many of those immigrants had trouble finding work when they arrived in the U.S. and they turned to the food service industry to support themselves. In a new location with different local ingredient availability, the food began evolving to include vegetables such as tomatoes available in the Americas but not China.”

So while some Chinese food in this country does not get a fair shake in terms of being considered gourmet cuisine, it must also be taken into consideration that its origins in the U.S. were borne out of necessity. It is from that point however that the cuisine, which has grown to integrate wildly different local and Chinese ingredients, has indeed converged with American taste, making its way to gourmet lists nationwide.

what you dont know about american chinese food

Fortunately, there are already a handful of establishments that are raising the standard in Chinese cuisine. Highly regarded establishments like Lin’s Grand Buffet, who feature a large Chinese buffet in Albuquerque, are known to offer oriental dishes that appeal to both Chinese and Western palates and are made of the freshest ingredients possible.

While American Chinese food has evolved due to different influences over the years, hopefully more restaurants like the aforementioned Chinese and seafood buffet in Albuquerque can also help raise the quality of one of the most beloved types of cuisine in the world.

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