Chinese Food in Albuquerque Helps Families Gain the Chinese Palate

Posted by James Moore

An April 27, 2014 South China Morning Post article discusses one Chinese chef’s efforts to share her knowledge and passion of Chinese cuisine. The chef, Sophia Du, was asked about her findings while going through a cooking class with foreigners:

“Even though I am Chinese, I have found I don’t really know the culture of some places in China that well. People in my classes are mostly foreigners living in Beijing. Some are newcomers, while some have lived in Beijing for years. As for those who have just moved to Beijing, they ask not only about what we eat and how we cook, but also about the culture and stories behind the food. When I had to tell them these stories, I realized I knew very little about the culture of my home country, and I tried to learn more to share with people in my classes. I am so happy to know that foreign people are so interested in Chinese culture and the stories behind our food. Their eagerness to learn inspired me to think about how we should treasure our own culture.”

Chinese cuisine is interesting in the sense that there are obvious differences from one specific kind to another. Families in New Mexico looking to take a vacation in China should slowly prepare their stomachs for the gastronomical voyage by trying out different yet delicious Chinese food in Albuquerque.

chef learns more about china while introducing foreigners to regional cuisines

One of the biggest differences Americans will notice between authentic Chinese cuisine and its Americanized take-out counterpart is the way it is cooked. Western Chinese cuisine heavily depends on different frying methods, be it in a wok or a deep fryer. Authentic Chinese fare goes through different and more elaborate cooking methods (like steaming or broiling).

Another difference between the two cuisines is the ingredients that comprise them. Authentic Chinese food is much healthier than its fast food counterpart due to a focus on vegetables and soybeans as ingredients.

Families in New Mexico who want to explore China in the future should prepare their tummies for the gastronomical journey by going to a reputable Chinese restaurant in Albuquerque. A restaurant like Lin’s Grand Buffet offers fare close to food served in the mainland, which means that diners will get to go on a taste bud rollercoaster ride and enjoy the health benefits of Chinese cuisine while they’re at it.

Families who will visit China in the near future may have a difficult time adjusting to the food served there if they have no idea how it tastes like. Going to a Chinese restaurant will help prepare their mouths and stomachs for the journey ahead.

(Source: Chef learns more about China while introducing foreigners to regional cuisines, South China Morning Post, April 27, 2014)