Chinese Buffet in Albuquerque Prepares Diners for a World of Taste

Posted by James Moore

It is easy to learn about the different cultures of the world through the Internet. Nothing, however, connects to a person more than the stomach, as documented by a Chinese exchange student on a May 4, 2014 Dig Magazine piece:

“While Americans enjoy cold salad and burgers, Chinese think about hot rice and noodles. Just like one of my friend(s) studying in America told me: “Your stomach will eventually prove that you are Chinese.”

American fast food is not new to China anymore, but I find something new about the fast food culture here. The American way of life is built around speed and efficiency, such that Americans create lots of different kinds of fast food including Mexican food and Chinese food.

However, my experience in Panda Express was a negative one. Panda Express was my first taste of so-called Americanized Chinese cuisine. Its appearance resembled Chinese food, but it was much more salty and oily than traditional Chinese food, and included orange chicken and broccoli and beef, which I had never before heard of in China.”

The author, He Haiyun, also pointed out a unique experience he shared with his American peers: locals can easily tell the difference in quality between their native foods (the burgers of McDonald’s versus the burgers of In N’ Out, for example) but cannot do the same for foreign cuisine. In this case, his American friends couldn’t tell the difference between authentic Chinese cuisine and its Westernized counterpart. That in mind, people who want to have a taste of real Chinese food should try restaurants that offer Chinese buffet in Albuquerque.

a chinese stomach in america

There are stark differences between authentic and Westernized Chinese cuisine. The latter is much sweeter than the former, which tends to appeal to the umami sensory glands of the tongue. Additionally, real Chinese restaurants generally specialize in one food item.

People who are intrigued by the way the Chinese prepare their meals but aren’t gastronomically prepared to be shocked should seriously consider going to a Chinese buffet in Albuquerque, NM. Besides the gastronomical journey their senses will go through, visitors of reputable restaurants like Lin’s Grand Buffet will also benefit from some healthy options. Soup, for example, will encourage diners to eat less while the actual dishes are usually loaded with vegetables.

People who are still too timid to try out authentic Chinese cuisine can begin preparing their stomachs for a gastronomical odyssey by going to a respectable Chinese bistro and slowly exploring what China has to offer.

(Source: A Chinese stomach in America, Dig Magazine, May 4, 2014)